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The Portuguese is the first European who persevered in carrying on trade and acquiring dominion of India. Subsequently the Dutch followed the Portuguese and subverted the power. Finally English merchant endeavored to prosecute trade. East India Company got right to trade in all parts of Asia, Africa & America by Charter of 1600 passed by Elizabeth-1. The traditional judiciary of this soil was routed by the different occupier. Our predecessors have compelled to face Charter 1726 and 1753, Privy Council, Act of 1781, Legislatures of 1834 and 1853, The Indian Councils Act 1861, Act of 1872 and Act X of 1861. The prevailing Judicial System comes from the Act X of 1861. Appointment of District Judge, Subordinate Judge & Munseff was incorporated by this Act. At that time legal practitioners engaged themselves in the title of Pleader, Vokil, Advocate etc. We have no specific & reliable information in respect of establishing Habiganj District Bar Association. But there were ninety seven signatories in the perpetual lease deed executed between Asam Govt. & lawyers of Habiganj in 1930. So, it presumes the existence of ninety seven lawyer at Habiganj in 1930. Eminent melaphysician Dewan Mohammad Azrof stated in Eid Supplement of the Daily Ittefaq, 1993 three revolutionists were publicly hanged after the Revolution of 1857 at Habiganj Court premises and the court building stood on the bank of river Surma he added. It his required to be mentioned that after the great Indian Earth Quake in 1897, almost all structures of Habiganj were demolished. Thereafter Habiganj District Judge?s Court Building & Bar Hall No. 1 was constructed in 1901. According to Hunter?s Statistical Account, Habiganj Bar was established in 1874. But neither the list of founding Executive committee not the name of founder members has been recovered. The constitution of Habiganj District Bar Association 1968 was amended in 1996. Both constitutions remain silent in respect of the establishment of our Bar. The legal practitioner Act (XVII of 1879) was incorporated in 1879. The Bar Council Act came in force in 1965. After the liberation, by President Order 46, the prevailing Bar Council Act adopted in 1972. Different Bar Associations have already observed their centenary accordingly. So we can assume on the basis of Hunter?s statistical Account, the Habiganj District Bar Association was formed in 1874